Donald Trump, Aaron Burr and ‘the lesser of two evils’   ◆

Robert Smith, in an opinion piece for NY Daily News, on Aaron Burr:

Burr decided to get a small army together and start a war with Spain, take over what is now Mexico, peel off several western states from the United States, and combine the results into a brand new country with himself as emperor.

And on Donald Trump:

It’s not even hard to imagine him trying to make himself emperor of another country, and screwing the United States in the process. He’d probably worry only about whether the new country would be big enough for him, and how many Trump hotels he could build there.

I had a similar thought a week or two ago: I can totally see Trump trying to pull together his supporters to form a new… something…. No way to pull off a new country I think, but a new political party? Absolutely.