Scott Walker Fails On Twitter, Bigly

Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, in an attempt to tie Hillary Clinton to President Obama, tweeted this earlier today:

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t go quite as he expected:

A lot of his replies are along these lines. It’s hilarious. Unintentionally.

Walker tried to “fix” it, doubling down on the image with a new tweet:

Again, not quite the response he may have been expecting:

Not sensing when it’s time to stop, Walker then tripled down (wait, is that a thing? Let’s say it’s a thing) and tweeted with yet another attempt:

With predictable results:

You’d think by now Walker would just step away from Twitter. Instead he quadrupled down (That’s gotta be a thing! Just go with me here!) and came up with this one:

By now, you know how this story goes:

Sometimes you just need to know when to quit while you’re behind.