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I’ve lost data because I didn’t have good backups. I’ve recovered from drive failures because I did.

Since making Backblaze a part of my comprehensive backup strategy, I no longer worry about data loss.

Backblaze has restored over 25 billion files. Several thousand of those files were mine. See, my iMac’s hard drive died suddenly one day, and I didn’t have a complete local backup (it was several weeks out of date).

Backblaze saved my bacon. It’s been invisibly running on my computer since 2012. I just went online, ordered a restore of my drive from the last time it had automatically backed up my computer (a few hours earlier), and Backblaze had a hard drive with my data on it shipped to my door in just a few days.

A few hours after it got here, I was back up and running.

It’s astonishingly easy to use—Backblaze runs in the background, constantly backing up new and updated files. You never have to think about backing up. You’re just constantly protected.

And it’s astonishingly inexpensive—just $5 a month per computer to backup everything on your hard drive… including external drives attached to your computer. For me, that’s somewhere about 10 terabytes backed up to Backblaze. All for just $5 month.

(OK, I do kind of feel bad. It’s so inexpensive, I pay for my mom’s and my wife’s subscriptions. Together they only use a few gigabytes. It all balances out, right? They don’t even realize it’s running, and I have peace of mind that if they delete something, they can easily and quickly get it back.)

Never lose a file again. Visit Backblaze to get your free month and help support You won’t find an easier online backup solution.