Why I Quit Google to Work for Myself   ◆

Michael Lynch came to a realization:

Wait a second. I was in a business relationship with Google.

It may sound strange that it took me two and a half years to realize it, but Google does a good job of building a sense of community within the organization. To make us feel that we’re not just employees, but that we are Google.

That conversation made me realize that I’m not Google. I provide a service to Google in exchange for money.

This is a realization everyone in corporate America comes to, eventually. I came to mine about a quarter century ago, after getting unexpectedly fired from a job I loved, for reasons that were lies.

I’ve been at my current job just a couple years shy of two decades. I have no illusions about our relationship, though I have managed to build up some significant loyalty to them. They, like Google, work very hard to make you feel like you are the company.

It might be time to revisit, or exploit, that loyalty….

Oh yeah, and the review and promotion process at Google sucks. But at least it’s documented.