Ulysses 2.6 — The Brooks Review   ◆

Good overview of the two big new features in this update, Typewriter mode and WordPress integration. It’s the only place I’ve seen that lays out how to use the WordPress feature:

Here’s how Ulysses auto-populates the fields:

Title: the # level heading of the post
Category: the first tag you have placed in Ulysses
Tags: everything after the first tag you used in Ulysses
Slug: URL friendly version of the post title
Excerpt: The first ‘note’ you have attached to the document in Ulysses
Linked list URL: make the title a link, it grabs that link.

The linked list feature is neat, though I had to make changes to my WordPress them to use it (since it uses the “linked-list-url” custom field, rather than the one I use with Postilicious; I’ll have to write that up another time).