#RandomBug: Redfin

I use a lot of apps and I hit random bugs that frustrate me and I usually ignore because they’re not obvious or easily reproduced.

On occasion, I hit one that just makes me shake my head, a “how could they possibly screw this one up!” moment.

Redfin has one of those. I figure this can be the first in an occasional series.

Here’s how you can reproduce the Redfin bug (iOS app on iPad running 9.3.2 tested).

  1. Launch Redfin
  2. Tap “My Redfin”
  3. Tap “Shared Favorites”
  4. Tap in the email field
  5. Switch to another app
  6. Switch back to Redfin

The entry field is missing and you can’t do anything with the app except force quit it.

(Force quit by double-pressing the Home button and swiping up on Redfin.)

Bugs happen. The question is, how does a bug like this happen? What is the app doing that switching out and back breaks it?