Comcast cable kaput

Dec. 21 update below.
Dec. 22 update below.

My Comcast cable internet connection died last night.

Well, maybe not died so much as slowed to such a crawl as to simply look dead. 

I noticed it as I was about to go to bed, so of course I stayed up for 45 minutes trying to fix it, to no avail. Eventually I simply hooked up my AT&T DSL to my Airport Express and called it a night. I figured it would either resolve itself by the time I awoke, or at least by the time I got home from work.

Ever the optimist, I am.

Instead I was lucky enough to have a need to contact Comcast customer support. I chose to use the chat system, because that’s always fun. I really do think they’re the closest thing to a successful Turing test yet. Here’s the transcript of my conversation:

Problem : My internet connection is slow to the point of not working. I’ve restarted the computer, modem, etc. Slow for last 24 hours.
Christopher > Hello Jasonian, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Christopher. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Christopher > How are you?
Jasonian > I’m great thanks, and I hope you are too.
Christopher > Good to know that.
Christopher > Good to know that.
Christopher > Your concern is regarding your internet connection, right?
Jasonian > yes.
Christopher > Let me check it out if there is a maintenance ongoing as of the moment.
Christopher > I will give you the details if there is any.
Christopher > I have check it out, there is a outage detected in your area. Our Engineers are still working on some maintenance as of the moment. It will be back with in 24 hours.
Jasonian > Can you tell me about when it went out and if it’s a complete or partial outage?
Christopher > It is just a partial outage. It will be back after 5 hours.
Jasonian > I see. OK. Is this information available online where I can check status?
Christopher > It also pops up in your webmail.
Christopher > Have i resolved your issue by giving you the information of the outage affecting your location?
Jasonian > Thanks. I will check my “webmail”, if I can find that on the site. Thanks four your help.
Christopher > Have i resolved your issue by giving you the information of the outage affecting your location?
Jasonian > I suppose so.
Christopher > Have i resolved your issue by giving you the information of the outage affecting your location?
Christopher > That is the only way I can resolve you issue to give the information of the outage.
Christopher > Have i resolve it by giving the information of the outage?
Jasonian > Thanks for the information.
Christopher > So did I resolve it by giving that information?
Jasonian > my connection is still down, so the reason i contacted you is not resolved. i now have more information than before. i thank you for that.
Christopher > Alright.
Christopher > Any other concerns for tonight?
Jasonian > no more at the moment.
Christopher > Okay.
Christopher > Thank you for choosing Comcast. I have great time chatting with you today. Have a good one!
Christopher > Happy Holidays!
Christopher > Take Care.
Christopher > Bye.
Jasonian > and to you.
Christopher > Analyst has closed chat and left the room

Dec. 21 update: Four days later, and the connection is now completely down, rather than just really slow. The modem won’t even connect: it shows as disconnected on the Comcast network. A technician is scheduled to show up Monday. Let’s hope s/he’s on time.

Dec. 22 update: The technician arrived about 4:45, spent about five minutes looking at my system and logs, and promptly diagnosed “a bad modem”. He swapped in a new one, and my speeds were suddenly much, much faster. The sad part? The “dead” modem was itself only two months old.

2 thoughts on “Comcast cable kaput”

  1. Hi Jasonian,

    I’m sorry to hear you were experiencing trouble with your internet connection. If you would like our team’s assistance to troubleshoot or get you an update on any outages, feel free to email us at We’re here if you need us.

    Kind Regards,
    Melissa Mendoza
    Comcast Customer Connect
    National Customer Operations

  2. Thanks for the comment Melissa. It’s too bad my connection has gone from “slow” to “completely off-line”. A service call has been scheduled; let’s hope they show up earlier in the window than later, because I have plans.

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