Questions I wished town hall voters asked but didn’t

I wish the members of tonight’s town hall debate audience had asked Senator McCain some of the following questions. They didn’t:

  • Is Governor Palin ready to be president if something happens to you?
  • Is Governor Palin more qualified to be Vice President than Senator Biden?
  • Is Senator Obama less of an American than you?
  • Does your tax plan reduce taxes for 95% of Americans?
  • How does your POW status qualify you to be president?
  • Are your ties to Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac greater or lesser than those of Senator Obama?
  • What would you say to people who think Senator Obama is a muslim?
  • If you could only choose one, would you cut taxes for people making under $250K a year or over?
  • Do you belief Senator Obama is a traitor to America?
  • Does your friendship with G. Gordon Liddy reflect poorly on your judgement?
  • How can you be both a “maverick” and a “voice of reason”?
  • Does your part in the Keating Five make you a good candidate to manage a financial “rescue plan”?
  • Should people vote for you because Senator Obama is black?

Instead we got a bunch of boring questions that I doubt anyone actually wanted answers to. Maybe next debate.