Judge the candidates’ character, judgement and background

Bill Kristol, on Fox News, suggests that McCain should ask voters concerned about the economy to “judge the character, the judgement, the background of the person you’re putting in charge”.


Does Kristol not recall The Keating Five, where McCain intervened in an investigation of his political patron, which, eventually, resulted in over 20,000 Americans losing their savings? John McCain’s involvement in protecting Charles Keating calls into direct question McCain’s character, judgement and background. McCain thought it was more important to protect his political pals over the public.

Kristol also says McCain should tie Obama to “some pretty unsavory characters”. Think Kristol remembers that John McCain is great friends with G. Gordon Liddy, who helped plan the Watergate break-in (and went to jail for four years because of it) and advocated killing Federal officials?

Is that the character, judgement and background you want in your president?

Watch Krisol blather (thanks Talking Point Memo):