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Thanks to CowPuppy K, I learned today that the Nike+ website lets you share graphs of your runs (or, in my case, my walks…). Great for bragging rights if you’re in a challenge, like I am with Y. Here’s the graph of my last five “runs” (alas, you will need Flash, so if you’re reading this on your iPhone, my heart bleeds):

(The graph only shows one of the last five “runs” at any time. You need to navigate using those tiny arrows to see the others.)

Here’s the state of Ying’s and my “most miles in 30 days” challenge:

More miles in two weeks than I’ve walked in six months. Maybe longer. Way, way longer. But it’s paying off: I’ve dropped about five pounds. Nothing you can look at and see, but it’s certainly motivating.

I’m sure eliminating beer from my dinners for the same 30 days hasn’t hurt either (I love wine, but nothing beats a good beer. Can’t wait for that first frothy head in August).

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