iPhone Day

Yes, it’s iPhone Day. Lines have been formed outside Apple and AT&T stores across America. Alas, no iPhone for me today: I just can’t imagine standing in line for 24 or more hours to get a phone, even one I want. I’ll get mine in a month or so, after Apple has shipped a few to customers and people aren’t clamoring for them as much.

While I’m still not looking forward to moving back to Cingular via AT&T (I’ve been a happy T-Mobile user for a long time), I was pleasantly surprised by the relatively reasonable pricing for the iPhone rate plans, especially the “unlimited data” part. The Family plan at $80 a month is particular pleasing, and Y and I may end up merging our accounts and save some money to boot. (The “Unlimited Nights and Weekends” for the Family plan is an appreciated touch.)

Not everything about the iPhone makes me smile, though. The iPhone Bluetooth Headset is $129. Most decent headsets can be purchased for $50. I know, it comes with a $49 “Dual Dock” for charging the iPhone and the headset together, and the $29 iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable that lets you charge both while on the road, meaning the headset really is only $51, but why should I have to pay for accessories I may not need? (Although, have you seen the Travel Cable? You plug the headset in one end, and attach the iPhone to the other; it’s brilliant.)

Apple has also introduced a “Works with iPhone” program and logo, to go along with their “Made for iPod” program. That means you can expect hundreds of new devices and accessories tattooed with this logo in the near future. Personally I can’t wait for the iPhone version of the iCarta toilet paper holder. I’m sure folks will love knowing where I’m talking to them from.

Good luck to everyone waiting in line. I hope you get your iPhone today.

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  1. Unfortunately that $80 for family plan is only for one line, to add the second iPhone is another $29.99. So the family plan for two iPhones is actually $109.99. Not so nice anymore, huh?

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