Dreamhost has this site on a server named “shithead”

Not sure how I should react. The unprofessionalism of that name shocks me, and I keep looking to see if I’m misreading it.

Dreamhost calls my MySQL server 'shithead'. Very mature.

I’ve written in to complain (also to complain about my site going down for some period of time on a nearly weekly basis, according to FeedBurner).

I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t be looking for another webhost. I’ve been with Dreamhost for a year, and Y is also with Dreamhost (I wonder what her servers are called?), and while I’ve had few problems to speak of, and their web-based management console is pretty nice, I can’t help wonder if there’s someone better.

My needs are relatively modest: a couple of MySQL databases, a couple of WordPress installations, half-a-dozen or so domain names pointing here, a few hundred megs of data storage and bandwidth. Heck, I hosted this site on a spare iMac in my closet, hanging it off my DSL until AT&T started sucking (again). If a five-year-old iMac with 512 MB of RAM can host it, I don’t need much more than a $10/month provider offers. (I still host the email for this domain myself, in fact.)

If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears. In the mean time, I’m curious about what Dreamhost will say about the server name.

Update: 12 hours later, and Dreamhost has either moved me or changed the server name. It’s now topogigo:


Alas, if they’re referencing the Italian mouse puppet from the 60s, they got the spelling wrong: it’s Topo Gigio.

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