Apple sells 1.5 million Macs, 10.5 million iPods

Every recent AAPL quarter has blown me away. This quarter, Apple sold 1.5 million Macs and 10.5 million iPods, and made $5.26 billion, with a profit of $770 million ($0.87 a share). That’s three months of sales. Last year at this time, Apple had sold 1.1 million Macs and 8.5 million iPods, and made $4.36 billion and a profit of $410 million ($0.34 a share).


AAPL reacted after hours, shooting up to $103 a share, before settling down to about $100 a share. Thursday’s opening and trading session should be very interesting. Will it open over $100? Will it trade higher, or lower?

I can’t wait to find out!