Your website music sucks

Dear Website Owner:

Your musical taste sucks.

I don’t want to hear your crappy choice of songs when I visit your site.

If you’re going to force me to listen to your music, to the point where you won’t even offer a mute button, I’m not going to spend much time on your site.

That means I’m not going to buy your product or use your service.

Are you listening, EverBank? Your web tour, with its GarageBand-y pop-synth soundtrack, stopped me from seriously considering you as a replacement for my banking needs.

Do you hear me, Canto Do Brasil? I won’t be bringing 20 people to a celebratory dinner thanks to your 17 tracks of midi music.

If you want to give me the option of listening to your music, that’s fine, but put a god-damned mute button on your site!