Me drink beer!

OK, so most people who know me know I enjoy beer. But not just any beer. No, it has to be good beer. No cheap watery beers for me, thank you very much. Some may say I’m rather a bit of a beer snob in fact. I tend to prefer beer connoisseur.

This is why I took great interest in the latest in “social software”, (Have you noticed the trend to drop the vowel before a final consonant in these “social software” sites? Thanks Flickr.)

Coastr calls itself “the social guide to beer”, and aims to connect beer drinkers of similar tastes. They’ve even coined a rather disturbing term, “social beermarking”. Shudder.

The idea behind Coastr is to keep a list of the beers you like and the places you like to drink it, and see other people who have the same tastes. Of course, there’s also the “learn new beer” aspect: if a bunch of people who like the beers you like all like some other beer you’ve never tried, why not try it? (That’s the part I’m looking forward to the most!)