Chadwick Boseman Dies of Colon Cancer   ◆

Chadwick Boseman died of colon cancer yesterday, after being diagnosed—and working—with it in 2016. This makes me incredibly sad. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, who also happened to be supremely talented.

Black Panther was an epic moment in Black culture. At the time, it felt like literally every Black person in the world was anticipating this movie, and he brought King T’Challa to life with grace and humility.

This movie was a profound revelation. It filled theaters with people from all walks of life, of every creed and race, and for two hours, immersed them in an unbounded, unapologetic celebration of Black excellence.

Chadwick’s portrayal (and, from what I’ve read, his insistence on authenticity, with accents and more) was a huge part of what gave this move its heart.

Thank you Chadwick for your talent and your humanity.

You are with the ancestors now.