Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win!   ◆

Chicago Tribune:

After 108 years of waiting, the Cubs won the 2016 World Series with a wild 8-7, 10-inning Game 7 victory over the Indians on Wednesday night at Progressive Field. The triumph completed their climb back from a 3-1 Series deficit to claim their first championship since 1908.

Five hours, ten innings, a blown Cubs lead, and a rain delay.

Leave it to the Cubbies to add even more heart-wrenching excitement to a Game 7.

The billy goat is gone, and the black cat too. And what was the name of the foul-ball dude? No matter. It was never really his fault, and now he’s just a footnote in Cubs history.

The curse is broken. I can now say “I watched the Cubs will the World Series”.

Congratulations Cub fans.