Ulysses-Dropbox integration fail

It’s really frustrating when an app goes and changes your files from underneath you.

I’m seeing this now with the latest Ulysses on iOS. It adds Dropbox integration, so any text files I add to a folder show up in the app.

I really want to consider it for blogging and longer writing, but its integration with Dropbox and plain text files is frustrating and annoying.

If I write in (say) 1Writer, and then edit in Ulysses, the text changes. The most obvious one is that Markdown style links change their format.

I generally prefer to use inline URLs. That is, bracketed text, followed by a URL in parenthesis.

[bracketed text](http://aURL.com)

However, when it gets round-tripped through Ulysses, it turns it into end-note-style markdown, which is the bracketed text, followed by a bracketed number, then at the bottom that same bracketed number followed by the URL.

[bracketed text][1]

It’s useful for maintaining URLs separately, but it breaks my flow.

Why would Ulysses do this?