Sprint installs MDM profiles on new iPhones without customer permission   ◆

Johnny Kim on Twitter:

Hey @sprint @sprintcare, what’s up with sprint installing MDM profile on a new iPhone 6s at the store?

Twitter is blowing up over this, and Sprint seems incapable of understanding the issue.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) profiles are usually installed by companies managing a large number of devices and allow them to control and configure them (for example, to turn off certain features like, or to automatically add email accounts). There’s no real reason for an MDM profile to be installed by Sprint on a personal device.


On top of that, Sprint seems clueless about the issue, and their responses on Twitter are—at best—tone deaf, and in fact seem actively obfuscatory, like they’re trying to hide something. Many people are accusing Sprint of using response-bots, and it’s not hard to see why customers would think that.