Why pure electric cars aren’t ready for the real world

Road trips.

Call me when I can drive to Disneyland from San Francisco with nothing more than 10 minutes to top off. Current and planned pure electric cars get maybe 200-250 miles on a charge, and take upwards of three hours to fully charge. Even super-powered chargers you might find at a filling station are planning 30 minute charges.

Hybrids or range extended vehicles which use a gas tank solve this problem, but for many of them (e.g. the Chevy Volt), you’re going to get 40 miles on the battery and 300 miles on the gas tank, which kind of defeats the point.

They’re great for the commuter who drives 15 or 20 miles round trip a day, and can plug in on either end of that commute, and I wouldn’t mind having a Tesla roadster (only $101,500!), but I don’t see the current crop of cars competing for my cash just yet.