Jailed for Six Months

A couple of days ago I dreamt I was sentenced to six months in jail, for an unknown offense.

Beyond the strangeness of dreaming I’d been sent to jail, what was particularly strange was the amount of freedom the inmates seemed to have.

Several times, I left the jail to go home so I could find books, magazines, and other forms of entertainment that would prevent me from being bored during my incarceration.

It seemed I could leave during the day, as long as I was back in the evening, and I could do as I wanted in the cell.

I recall selecting books I had always wanted to read, along with books which were in tatters from decades of use.

One book that stood out was a handbook for amateur magicians, which I’ve owned since I was a teenager. I learned dozens of slight-of-hand and other tricks from that book. And after choosing that book and returning to jail, the next day when I walked out again, it was to bring back a deck of cards.

I have no idea what the dream means. I thought perhaps it represented my desire to live a life of leisure, free to read and learn.

I thought perhaps it represented freedom during the day and inflexibility at night.

No matter how I ponder this, I can’t come up with a good explanation.

(But I wouldn’t mind six months off….)