Wrong Answer My Rear Bumper

I hate being wrong.

Well, I don’t mind being wrong, if I’m legitimately wrong. It’s a learning opportunity.

So more accurately, I hate being told I’m wrong when I’m not.

It happened today, while I was killing time on Facebook. (Why was I killing time on Facebook? A very good question I have no answer to.)

Anyway, I took the “Famous Logos” quiz because someone in my circle had taken it. I figured I’d get all (or at least the vast majority) of them right.

Unfortunately, the author of the quiz neglected to do his or her homework. Question 3 of the quiz was this:


See the problem? The right answer isn’t there. I was forced to choose a wrong answer, which resulted in this:


(I chose Toyota, because the actual right answer, Lexus, is the luxury brand of Toyota.)

The logos are so different I’m not sure how they could be mistaken for each other:

Mazda logo Lexus logo

I ended up with 10 out of 13 correct, or 77%, rather than 11 out of 13 correct, or 85%, making me a little more “wrong” than I actually am.