Majority Rules

I’m eminently disappointed by today’s California Supreme Court Prop 8 ruling. Putting aside the gay marriage issue for a second, today’s ruling upholds the ability of the majority to restrain or eliminate the rights of the minority.

What will be next? Will the majority curtail when tall people can walk the streets? How about banning driving for bald people? Will we be required to wear Dodger blue when visiting L.A. from the Bay Area?

You laugh at these inane suggestions, but when all that is necessary to alter the constitution of the state is fifty percent plus one, you are in for some inane laws.

Isn’t this country all about protecting minority rights?

I guess I can’t fault the Supreme Court themselves. That lays with the fucked-up way California lets their constitution be changed. Taking away rights, or limiting how those rights can be exercised, should be done only after careful deliberation and a super-majority vote, and perhaps not even then.

Consider that Prop 8 barely passed (600,000 votes, less than 5% of the votes cast, and 2.7% of the voting California voting population). Six hundred thousand voters made this decision for 22 million people.

Just in case, I’m going to act short, keep my hair long and and limit my trips to Disneyland.