A blow to the culture of FUD

The culture of fear, uncertainty and doubt in American politics was dealt a staggering—though not fatal—blow yesterday when the country overwhelmingly chose to ignore the negative campaigning of Senator McCain, Governor Palin and the GOP and instead focus on hope and the future.

In electing Barack Obama to President, Americans showed they are smarter and more thoughtful than they’re often portrayed in the media and blogs (including my own). This time, they chose to vote in their own best self-interest, for someone who they believe will make their lives better, regardless of cultural, racial or even political differences.

I’m not naive enough to believe fear, uncertainty and doubt have gone the way of 300 baud modems: Too many people still chose to believe the lies or their own prejudices, and FUD remains effective for depressing the turnout. But today, Americas rejected the old-style political tactics in favor of hope and ideas.

I hope it lasts.