Gmail IMAP

Everyone knows by now that Gmail has opened IMAP up to everyone. Well, OK, perhaps not everyone. Someone people, like Ying, don’t have Gmail IMAP on their accounts. Ying is particularly upset, because I have it, she doesn’t, and she’s the one who invited me to Gmail in the first place, three years ago.

I almost never use Gmail. I have my own domain name (several, sadly). I run my own mail servers for some of those domains. I use barely 1% of my available account. And yet, I got IMAP the first night it was available.

I immediately set up my iPhone and OS X Mail, and they took forever to sync. After playing with it for a few minutes to make sure it worked, I promptly turned it off. What can I say? I have no need for Gmail.

Besides, I share way too much information about myself with Google. They know my searches, my websites, my destinations, my social security number (thanks to AdWords and AdSense)… I just don’t feel right giving them even more information about me.

I hope Ying gets her IMAP soon though. She’s been obsessively checking GMail three or four times a day. I fear she may lose her mind if IMAP doesn’t get enabled quickly.

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