The Culture of Life (and Death)

President Bush did something he’s never done since taking the Presidency. No, not tell the truth! Silly rabbit.

No, he issued his first-ever veto, choosing to go against research geared toward find cures for several deadly diseases (using stem cells). In doing so, he and his various mouthpieces issued some fantastically quotable items which seemed destined for greatness among the land of contradictions.

Let’s visit, shall we?

What the President has said is that he doesn’t want human life destroyed. — Press Secretary Tony Snow, July 18 2006.

Unless they’re a terrorist and just had a bomb dropped on them.

[S]pecial operation forces … delivered justice to the most wanted terrorist in Iraq….  I congratulate our troops on this remarkable achievement. Zarqawi’s death is a … victory. — President Bush’s statement, June 8 2006.

What else can we find among these plentiful lands?

[W]e would not use federal taxpayers’ money to destroy life. — President Bush, May 25 2005

OK, I suppose we could go back to the dead terrorist, but let’s try to play fair find another target… hm… Iraqi bombings? Too easy… how about… capital punishment? OK, only a three people in recent history (all since President Bush became President, interestingly, and the first since the 1960s)…. I suppose we’ll have to rely on the inherent contradiction of not using public funds to destroy life coming from the man who, as Governor of Texas, oversaw over 140 executions (See the list, from 1995-2000; see the totals at The Touchstone).

You’ve got to appreciate the complexities of the man’s mind.