Influence… good or bad?

Ying was over the other night, and as we flipped the stations looking for something to watch, we came across Deal or No Deal. I’ve watched it a few times before; it’s an interesting game of chance driven by greed, and injected with hot, well-dressed models with money-filled suitcases.

At some point, I asked Ying what she thinks the the models get paid for standing there, opening cases and looking pretty.

Now, before I go on, I must admit: I generally think of my girlfriend as a bit of an innocent. You know, someone who rarely rocks the boat, is generally nice to people, seldom says anything sarcastic. Basically, the opposite of me.

So I was a left rather speechless by her reply:

I don’t know. Would it be enough to pay for their breast implants?


Clearly I’m having an effect on my girlfriend. The question is, is this a positive or negative influence….