Canon Err 99 shooting car fire

On my way home today I noticed a van engulfed in white smoke. My first thought, of course, photo-op! Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me, so I sped home, grabbed my camera bag and dashed off to take a few shots. By the time I got back, whatever fire there was was put out, and the van was soaked with foam and water. Not wanting to leave empty-handed, I took a few shots of what was left (and of the firefighters):

CRW_1083 CRW_1086 CRW_1089 CRW_1097

While shooting, I encountered an error with my Canon 10D. Several times, the camera locked up, with none of the buttons or controls working, and the top LCD displaying “Error 99”. I was able to resolve it by removing and reattaching the lens, but I ended up losing several shots.

Searches for “Canon 10D Error 99” on Google showed that several others were seeing this problem, and some tracked it back to Sigma lenses (I own one) and others to deleting photos in-camera (which I’d done while shooting). I’ll probably contact Canon about this next week. The camera is long out of warranty, however. Is this the excuse I need to buy a new Canon 5D?