War is Peace….

Freedom is Slavery.

Ignorance is Strength.

Today, George Orwell’s 1984 take on political and social problems and the methods used to enforce the world order could be summed up by three letters: “FUD”.

FUD, or Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, are tactics used to engender distrust and concern among a group of people. Well known in the computer industry, these tactics are now being used in the political industry as a way of distracting the voting public from real issues such as the Economy, International Relations, Military Leadership, Individual Liberties, and the Environment.

It’s also used to win elections.

Thus is born a new website, dedicated to uncovering and reporting the unfair tactics used by today’s politicians against their opponents, and against the American people. Initially conceived as a way to counter such blatant Political FUD as the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, it now focuses on the aftermath of the 2004 United States Presidential Election. Among other things, it will delve into how this election might have been rigged, and the incredibly insidious methods potentially employed.

In the coming days and weeks, please return to follow my personal journey of political discovery.

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