One county, too many voters

Cuyahoga County in Ohio might be destined to become famous. Or would that be infamous?

It turns out there’s a chance more votes were cast in Cuyahoga during the 2004 election than there are actual people in the county. For example, in the district of South Euclid, there were 16,902 registered voters, and 16,917 votes. That’s just over 100% turnout in a country with about 60% turnout.

A voting machine glitch, you say? Fifteen people trying to game the system, perhaps?


But how do you explain an 11,291 vote difference?

Yep, in Orange CSD, there were 11,640 registered voters, and 22,931 votes. That’s 197% turnout.

Remember, you can’t have more than 100% turnout.

But that’s not the most shocking number, not by a long shot. That distinction goes to Woodmere Village, where there were 558 registered voters and 8,854 votes, a (wait for it) 1,586% turnout.

Don’t believe me? Look at the numbers yourself, from the Cuyahoga County’s very own Board of Elections website. Or download this spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) which just takes those numbers and puts them in an easier to read format.

Think the elections weren’t stolen from John Kerry?

Perhaps it’s time to think again.