Garage door: busted

In case it ever comes up, this is not what a functioning garage door chain should look like. In fact, I would say that’s a really good example of the exact opposite of a working garage door chain.

Drooping like an old lady.

My garage door has been threatening to quit working for almost as long as I’ve been in this house, and today that threat was carried out. Proving that all things are connected, it was just three days ago that I repaired my front door (which I had to force open a couple of weeks back). I’m not certain if I should consider myself trapped in my home, protected from external forces, or prevented from experiencing the world.

I now await the arrival of a repair guy. I hope I make it into the office in time for today’s kickoff meeting for my annual conference.

Update: This is what the new hotness looks like. Notice, no chain.

Hard and stiff.

I hope this one lasts a while. A few hundred dollars here, and a few hundred dollars there, and pretty soon we’re talking real money.