An Apple iPhone question

Here’s an Apple iPhone question for you: How does the iPhone charge?

I know I connect it to a dock that is connected to my computer, but can I charge it without it being connected to my computer? Can it be plugged directly into a wall like a “normal” phone? Because having to walk with a laptop when I’m on a road trip just to charge my phone seems like a slight inconvenience. And if (as you would hope) there will be a wall-charger, will it be a small travel charger that just plugs into the phone, or will it be a bigger dock-style charger that takes up space in my travel bag?

This is why announcing stuff six months in advance can a problem: sure all your hopes can be poured into the device, but so can all your fears, and without information to confirm or deny the issues, you end up with wild-ass speculation.

Update: Companies are already advertising “iPhone chargers”. One company has an entire line of non-existant products, including car and travel chargers and cases.

Update 2: Not just chargers, and not just one company. Looks like “iPhone accessories” are going to be as hot a cottage industry as the iPod accessories is today.

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