A Wii Bit of Madness

It’s 5:30 on a Sunday morning, and I’m about to go stand in line for a Nintendo Wii. What am I, crazy?

More when we return….

Update: We have returned from our Wii excursion, and other than memories of long lines and cold people, we are empty-handed. We visited ten locations (which includes repeat visits to one), and each store had a line longer than we could have imagined.

In order, we visited a Circuit City, Best Buy, Game Stop, Toys R Us, Target (Oakridge Mall), Target (on Camden), back to the Target Oakridge, which turned into the line for the Game Stop, then over to Westgame Mall Target and the Game Stop next to it.

The worse one was the Westgate Mall Target, off Saratoga. We happened to be there last night about 8pm, and three families had already lined up (one at 6pm) for an 8am store opening. When we returned this morning, about 7am, the line was over 100 people, for a store claiming 100 units.

While we are Wii-less, we do have a Wii-mote and the Legend of Zelda game, as one of the Targets happened to have a couple in stock, and no other stores did. We don’t have a nunchuck attachment, though, so if (when!) we get a Wii, there won’t be any dual boxing going on.

Y is a little disappointed by the lack of Wii; she’s second-guessing her decisions to wake up at 5:30, to go to certain stores in certain order, etc. For me, it was more of an experiment. It was interesting to see which stores had longer lines, how many people were willing to brave the cold (37 degrees, by my car’s gauge) for a game system.

I’m willing to wait until the excitement subsides a bit.