Look out bad drivers, the Internet has your number

I abhor bad drivers. I’ve often wished I could pull over that guy in the 1988 Acura who made a right turn from a no-turn middle lane, veered into the car-pool lane during rush hour with no one in his car, all without signaling.

OK, so I’ve often wished I could fire a bazooka at him. Not my point.

No, my point is I’ve wished I could take some kind of action against these inconsiderate and dangerous drivers. And now, thanks to the internet, I can. Sort of.

The next time someone blocks the “Keep Clear” exit from work, I can just make note of their license plate, and post it on PlateWire.com. PlateWire lets drivers

… communicate their thoughts and feelings in regards to driving on todays’ roadways. Report and flag bad drivers, award good drivers, and even flirt with cute drivers. PlateWire was born out of frustration from years of driving along side drivers who seem to have no concern with anyone’s safety, including their own.

It’s no substitute for a bazooka, but it’s an interesting idea.

Now excuse me, I have a 1988 Acura to report.