Campbell Farmers’ Market

The city of Campbell has a weekly farmers’ market. Every couple of months, Y and I stroll through the 4-block-long market, sampling the foods and enjoying the weather. And, every couple of months, I find myself drawn in by the allure of the fresh food and pay lots of money for stuff I could get cheaper at the local Safeway, freshness be damned. This time, I bought the following items:

  • A $6 block of cheese
  • A $6 bag of nuts
  • A $10 bunch of flowers
  • A $1 bag of apples

OK, so the apples weren’t priced too badly. And the cheese is a tasty jack, the nuts is a spicy almonds, the flowers adorn my dining table. And yet, I somehow feel that I shouldn’t have cheese, nuts, flowers or apples, at least, not at these prices.

Y tells me the flowers were priced well too. And I suppose I’ve paid more for cheese in the past. The nuts… I don’t know about the nuts. Very tasty, but $6 tasty? I’ll have to let that one sit for a while.

At the end of the day, though, I have fruit in the house, my dining table looks attractive, tasty snacks are available, and I have lots of wine to drink with the cheese.

So I suppose I should just stop complaining.