17-Mile Drive… Not worth the gas

For the second time since moving to the Bay Area, I found myself following the 17-Mile Drive, and for the second time since moving to the Bay Area, I found myself wondering why I was following the 17-Mile Drive.

In an exclusive gated community of multi-million dollar homes and a word-famous gold course, I pondered why I was paying $8.75 to drive around and see pretty views I could see for free elsewhere. It’s not that it wasn’t an interesting drive, it just didn’t hold anything of particular beauty, beyond the natural views. Sure, it was great to drive past homes I could never afford, and marvel at a field of a sport I’d never play, but other than saying “I drove 17-Mile Drive”, I didn’t quite get the attraction.

(I sort of had a similar sense when we drove the Hana Highway in Maui. The difference, I think, is Hana Highway had exits and turn-offs we missed; 17-Mile Drive had many turn-offs, most of which we took, and still did not manage to provide much thrills.)

I’ll guess I won’t be mentioning 17-Mile Drive to others, although there is the idea that people want others to recognize the lameness for themselves….

All-in-all, while there are some famous spots and interesting views, I wouldn’t put it on my list of Must-See Attractions when visiting the area.