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Jasonian.org is supported by the fine folks at Hover.

I’ve been using Hover to register my domain names for nearly a decade. Hover makes domain name and email management simple. No tricks, no upselling, just quick and easy domain name registrations.

It may be too simple. I have, well, let’s say “lots” of domains registered with Hover, because anytime I get an idea for one, it’s easy to check it and buy it in seconds. This very domain name was registered there and has been since I first conceived of it.

They even suggest great alternative domains if they one you want isn’t available, including recommendations for the hundreds of TLDs now available (like .fm or .futbol or .wtf (no, really)), along with .com, .net, and .org.

Visit Hover to find and buy your dream domain name and help support Jasonian.org

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