There’s No Such Thing As A Protest Vote

Cogent rebuttal to anyone thinking about voting for a third-party candidate, or even worse, “not voting”:

But it doesn’t matter what message you think you are sending, because no one will receive it. No one is listening. The system is set up so that every choice other than ‘R’ or ‘D’ boils down to “I defer to the judgement of my fellow citizens.” It’s easy to argue that our system shouldn’t work like that. It’s impossible to argue it doesn’t work like that.

Of course, as in most things, The Simpsons Already Did It™.

Ulysses 2.6 — The Brooks Review

Good overview of the two big new features in this update, Typewriter mode and WordPress integration. It’s the only place I’ve seen that lays out how to use the WordPress feature:

Here’s how Ulysses auto-populates the fields:

Title: the # level heading of the post
Category: the first tag you have placed in Ulysses
Tags: everything after the first tag you used in Ulysses
Slug: URL friendly version of the post title
Excerpt: The first ‘note’ you have attached to the document in Ulysses
Linked list URL: make the title a link, it grabs that link.

The linked list feature is neat, though I had to make changes to my WordPress them to use it (since it uses the “linked-list-url” custom field, rather than the one I use with Postilicious; I’ll have to write that up another time).

#RandomBug: Redfin

I use a lot of apps and I hit random bugs that frustrate me and I usually ignore because they’re not obvious or easily reproduced.

On occasion, I hit one that just makes me shake my head, a “how could they possibly screw this one up!” moment.

Redfin has one of those. I figure this can be the first in an occasional series.

Here’s how you can reproduce the Redfin bug (iOS app on iPad running 9.3.2 tested).

  1. Launch Redfin
  2. Tap “My Redfin”
  3. Tap “Shared Favorites”
  4. Tap in the email field
  5. Switch to another app
  6. Switch back to Redfin

The entry field is missing and you can’t do anything with the app except force quit it.

(Force quit by double-pressing the Home button and swiping up on Redfin.)

Bugs happen. The question is, how does a bug like this happen? What is the app doing that switching out and back breaks it?

Alex Rodriguez unconditionally released by Yankees

What’s remarkable about this is how candid A-Rod was in his press conference, making it clear that his release was the decision of the Yankees, not his own.

He didn’t choose to retire, he was forced out.

Still, he’ll get the rest of what’s left of his massive $242 million contract, about $27 million for 2017. That’s a lot of cash for “advising”.

The sad part is he’s leaving just four home runs shy of 700.

The strange unrequited love Scott Adams seems to have for Donald Trump

I’ve been thinking this for a while now.

Not surprisingly, Adams calls the article a “weak hit piece” and the author a “bottom-feeder,” without bothering to dispute the contents of the article itself.
Sometime ago, Adams left the plausible realm of “Trump is great at persuasion” to “Trump should be president”. It just seems he isn’t able to admit it.